cPanel Tutorial | How To Use cPanel File Manager To upload you website and Get Your Website Online

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hi everyone this is Imran here and today

in this video training I'm gonna show

you how you can manage your website

using cPanel cPanel is basically our

control panel our tool to manage your

web server using its easy to use visual

interface well if you are looking for

any wave hosting provider who provides

wave hosting with cPanel I would like to

recommend you three hosting providers

green geeks a to hosting and Bluehost if

you persist in hosting package with any

of these providers you will get wave

hosting account with cPanel well once

you have purchased any cPanel waste wave

hosting account you will get access

details like your username and password

in your email then it will be able to

access the cPanel interface but nowadays

most of the companies provide direct

link to the cPanel from the website