How To Make Changes To A Contract

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Hey, Marianne DeNovellis here, welcome back to the Six Figure Mastermind. Today, we're

going to be talking about how to make changes to those contracts.

So you've got a contract but you want to know if it's a good fit, you want to know

if it's a really nice contract and maybe you already wrote it down, you're like, I

forgot something, I've got to put a change in here but it's already signed

sealed and delivered, what do we do? So let's talk about how to go through and

actually make changes to a contract. Yeah, you know, you probably could have guessed,

it's best to get it done before the contract gets delivered to your client.

You want to go through it line by line and by line. One of my secret weapons to

doing that, shh don't tell anybody. Tell everybody, I don't care, it's Google.

Guys, use Google, lookup contracts. You can go ahead and look at contracts online,

pre-existing contracts for things that are relevant to what you're doing

whether you're a mentor or a speaker or a photographer or whatever kind of

contracts you have, most likely there's already a contract out there for that

so go out, read up on the contracts, pull the things that you like from those

things and compile it in your own. You're totally allowed to do that, it's totally

fine and very much recommended, that's how I started a lot of contracts. The

other thing you're going to want to do if you already sent it out, you already have

it delivered, you already have your client sign, sealed, it's done and then

you come back and you're like, oh, I need to do this thing or even more so maybe

you have an experience with the client, you're like, if this could have been