Hidden Way To Edit Contacts In New Android

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everybody in this video I'm gonna be

showing you guys how to edit your

contacts this is actually fairly

complicated if you're using the newer

Google phones and for some reason they I

don't know they did this thing where

they made it so that if you don't have

it sync with their servers you can't

edit it on your phone so I'm gonna show

you how to do that anyways without

downloading a third-party app anyways so

first thing you're gonna want to do is

open up your contacts and create click

and new like click create a new contact

and then you can name this one pretty

much anything I would name it something

similar to the first one and then you

can just say you know was it that's it

and then go ahead and click done and

then what you'll have is you'll have

these two contacts that are like pretty