How to create and edit a contact group in Outlook 2016

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we're in Microsoft Outlook 2016 and I'm

going to show you how to create a group

a group allows us to send an email or

create a meeting request to multiple

people at once so you don't go into

every individual person to make those

requests or send those emails so we've

got a couple of people in our contacts

group right now or a contacts list I

should say let's go ahead and click on

new contact group at the top and this is

going to be our business associates so

that's going to be the name of our group

and now we're going to go ahead and

click on add members and we're going to

choose from our Outlook contacts if you

have other address books you can choose

those as well so let's go ahead and

click Outlook contacts and you can see

there's our two contacts that we created

earlier that I just showed you so just