Ms Outlook - Edit Contact

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in this video we'll see how to edit the

contact which is already created

suppose if you forget one contact number

and if you want to add something or

email ID or location anything address

update you can do that let us see now so

what I'll do is I'll open the contacts

which I've already created I'll just go

to this context page and if you see I'll

just go to this context and these are

the contacts which are created by I mean

which are created earlier but if you

remember I have created one contact that

is mr. ceebar John okay so that so these

are the details about the contact now if

you want to add delete modify anything

simple method you can just double click

on this place okay once you double click

you will get this floating dialog box

here the cursor is blinking and if you

want you can change the name as Seba