How to Make Compilation Videos

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everyone alakay with vide and this video

I'm going to be showing you how to make

compilation videos so you may have a

bunch of different video clips that you

want to compile together to make one

video and in this video I'm going to be

showing you exactly how to do that and

we're going to be adding a bunch of

clips together trimming these clips

adding some text and even some

background music to make it the best

compilation video we possibly can that

being said let's get started and the

tool we're going to be using is called

vide so we're just going to head over to

google and type in vide vee d and once

we've googled vide we're going to click

on the first link which is create edit

and share videos online for free so I

click on this and then a video is going

to open up if you don't already have an