How to Edit and Manage Your LinkedIn Company Page

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I believe this is Naomi from the profile

company I'm just sitting here uploading

a company profile for a client of mine

and they just thought I'd show you how

to do it in case you're also trying to

do the same thing so let's get started

so looking at the page here what we have

is the banner at the top and we have the

ability now to do various things and

your page might look like this when it's

brand new and obviously you won't be

able to do very much there's no editing

on there what we need to do is make sure

we've scored all the way down so we're

up to the we can see this blue banner

and it says you are viewing the profile

as a member so we want to click on

viewers admin and that's going to open

us up to actually be able to do some of

the changes so we have the pencil here

for changing the logo and when you click