How To Edit Comments On YouTube? Editing YouTube Comments!

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how to edit comments on YouTube so to

edit comments first of all of course we

need to log in to our account once we do

this we can go to a video where we have

a comment and where we want to edit this

comment so I just open the first video I

saw I'm gonna write troll vide and then

comment so I already wrote a comment now

how to edit it it's really easy first of

all once we find our comment on the

right side of this comment there are

three dots we need to click here and

then choose edit after we do this we can

edit our comment to anything we want and

then click Save and this is how we

edited the comment as you can see it's

it says over here that my comment was

edited 20 seconds ago so that's how we

do it

of course there is also another way to