HOW TO Edit Your College Essay FAST!! (3 HACKS TO BETTER WRITING NOW!!!)

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Hey YouTube.

So you have your essay draft or an outline.

You're committed to a topic, and now you want to make sure the essay pops.

Stay to the end, you'll receive three editing hacks to improve your essay now.

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There are three editing tips that will completely elevate your writing, adding dimension and

flow, and I'm going to show you those today.

Hi, I'm Dr. Josune with Write Your Acceptance.

As a university faculty member, I teach writing for a living, and I work with students on

their college essays.

I know how to make the admission officers remember you, and now it's your turn.

Tip one, add an image-driven dependent clause, especially when you're telling a story.

So, when you want to punch up the narrative in those moments when you're giving these

short anecdotes, these mini stories, you want to add very heavy image-driven examples.

And so, I have an example myself.

So let's say your sentence is "I was excited to learn about business at my new internship."

So we would add a fragment, a dependent clause right at the beginning, that adds some more

image to the sentence.

For example, "With clammy hands and flushed cheeks, I was nervous yet ready to learn about