Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Basic Editing for Beginners

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I'm Nathan Jeffers and today we're going

to talk about the simplest way for you

to start editing in Adobe Premiere CC

I've transferred all of my footage from

my camera to a footage folder in my

editing basics project here it's sitting

in this folder and we're going to open

up Adobe Premiere now that premiere has

loaded to this splash screen I'm just

going to click on the new project button

and I'm going to title this editing

basics and I'm going to save this

project in the project files folder of

my editing basics project that's on the

desktop so I'm going to click on browse

go to my desktop editing basics and my

project files

the first thing you want to do is just

import your footage into premiere so

we're going to go up to file import and

then find the location of our media in