iMovie Basics: Video editing tutorial for beginners

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hi everybody and welcome today I am

going to be showing you the basic

features of iMovie today we are using

version 10.1 point 5 and I'll be taking

you through from a fairly beginner

friendly perspective all the basic

features you are likely to want to use

for most video editing so let's get

started so after you open iMovie here's

how we're going to get started we're

gonna click on the project's tab up here

and now we would go create new and we're

going to create a movie not a trailer

trailers are preset templates we just

want a movie a blank slate one thing to

note before we get started is that

iMovie always auto-saves you never have

to file save your project or anything

like that

it's just going to autosave throughout

so the next thing we're going to do is