Formatting a children's picture book

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hi everybody my name is Emma this is

Emma Rosen books and today is the third

video in a series of four on how to

write and publish your own children's

picture book this is all inspired by my

book Luna the limpet gets lost

it's just sharing my experience of how I

went about publishing this book in

today's video I am looking at how to

format it so there's already been videos

on how to write it particularly in verse

how to illustrate your book or find an

illustrator and today's video is they're

taking the illustrations and the text

that you've you've got from those

processes and putting them together in a

document in this video I am going to use

pages because I use a Mac and I'm also

going to use canva which is a free

online site that you sign up for and

there are paid subscription versions of