How to use a child theme to modify a WordPress theme

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so usually when you're working with

wordpress child pains you're doing it

because there's a change to the parent

theme that you would like to make and

you don't want to lose it when you

update that theme

so in this video we're going to talk

about how you would make a change to the

PHP file so that you don't lose them I'm

using the 2017 theme on this website

here it's just a local install of

WordPress and I've got some fake

WooCommerce data here and then what

we'll be doing is why don't we add

another section to the footer and we'll

pretend that this would be a section

where we'd like to place advertisements

so I have my 2017 child theme set up and

I have it just below the 2017 things and

what we're going to make a change to is

the footer now right now I'm in the main