The BASICS of Filming a CHASE Scene

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hey what is up my name is rubidium today

we're looking at chase scenes how they

work how the pots that they're made of

and how to build those pots into a

complete whole I am NOT the world expert

on chase scenes I have filmed quite a

few of them I really love them I feel

like they're pure cinema they're

exciting I'm about to do a much larger

project that has several in it so I

wanted to go back to the drawing board

study the chase scenes that I really

loved look at what makes them great and

sort of break down how to shoot them or

how I'm planning on shooting them not an

expert I'm just a huge admirer of other

directors work and hopefully the things

that I've learned along the way will

help someone else out there they'll at

least help me to organize my thinking

about them so maybe someone else can