Lock Cells & Protect Excel Worksheet - EVEN by Cell Color!

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Today, let's take a look at how

we can lock and unlock specific areas on an Excel sheet.

So we're going to take a look at the basics,

but the case that we're dealing with today has a twist.

This was a question from one of my students, Anya,

who asked, "I'd like to leave yellow cells unprotected.

"Is there a way without a VBA macro to get this done?

"This way, I can move from one unprotected yellow cell

"to the next one with the Tab key,

"and it would save me a lot of time entering data."

Can we do this without VBA?

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First off, let's cover the basics for protecting

and unprotecting your worksheet.

You do that in the Review tab.

Under Protect here, you can protect the entire sheet

by clicking on this.

You probably would want to give this a password,

and you have to confirm that password.

Everything is fully protected,

so if you try to input anywhere in this sheet,