How to Edit the Contents of a Cell in Microsoft Excel : MS Excel Tips

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hi I'm Ted today I'm going to show you

how to edit the contents of a cell in

Excel I have a small spreadsheet setup

here it's just a goofy thing that I set

up for the purpose of illustrating

things and we have the name the state

and the occupation of several fictional

people so let's say we want to change

let's say Guido here let's say his boat

sunk he was a fisherman and in Alaska

and let's say he's now going to be

working as a dock worker so what we do

is we go to the cell we want to change

and we double click on it and when I do

that watch what happens here in what's

called the formula bar up here and then

double click down here and you can see

that the check mark and the X are now

active in the formula bar now we can

edit it either directly in the cell or

we can go up here so we're going to go