How to Burn Music to a CD 2021

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hey guys how's it going so this is an

updated video on how to burn CDs in 2020

if you're still burning CDs right on

first thing you'll need is a CD burner a

lot of laptops and desktops have these

built in some don't I picked up this

external one for about $30 on Amazon and

I can leave that in the description if

you don't have one and you'll also need

a CD to burn your music on to again a

link to this brand will be in the

description below I've always had great

success with verbatim discs so yeah once

you have those two things we can begin

so I've gone ahead and put the CD into

the computer I recommend you guys do the

same and in this case on my desktop I

have this folder here called songs - if

I click it we can see that it's just a

bunch of mp3 files that I would like to

put on to a disc so what we're gonna do