Where to create your columns in Power BI | Data Modeling Best Practices

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yo what's up this is Patrick from Guyana

Q in this video I'm gonna talk more

about data modelling best practices one

could call this data model in part 2

stay tuned ok data modelling best

practices Adam did a video on it a while

ago I did another video not too long ago

Adam talked about reducing data set size

I talked about it gave you a couple of

tips and I just want to keep going we

had some great conversation in the comp

in the comments for both of those videos

and I just want to talk about it some

more I hope that's okay

alright if you haven't watched those

videos you probably should take some

time and go watch those videos they can

kind of it just kind of builds upon each

other alright if you want to just jump

into it jump into it alright so let's

just get into this let's get into this