How to Write C program in Linux terminal

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hey hi guys in this video tutorial we

will learn how to write a C and C++ code

using Linux terminal I'll be using

Ubuntu Linux for the same so let's get

started press ctrl + Alt + T the shows

up terminal on your screen now navigate

to the desired directory where you want

to save your code using the CD command

which stands for change directory now we

are into C program directory now to

create a new file where in which we will

write our code type touch command

followed by space the name of the file

I'll am it as new and it should follow

up with the extension of dot CPP if you

are writing a code in C++ hit enter now

you can see that we are into C program

directory and we have this file named as

new dot CPP created now to open up this

file using terminal type in V I VI is in

8th in Linux followed by the name of the