How to Edit Your Google My Business Listing - GMB Setup Series

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in this video I'm going to share with

you how to edit your Google my business

listing once you have gotten verified or

if you want to make any changes in the

future ok so I'm using an example client

here side click web design and marketing

right now are logged into the dashboard

so if you don't know how to get here how

you get here is you log into Gmail first

and then what you do is you go to

business google.com forward slash here's

the link forward slash manage and it'll

get you to this page or look like this

okay unless you have multiple locations

if you have multiple locations it'll

prompt you to select which location you

want to manage and then you'll come to

this screen ok so I want to show you a

couple things here and how you would

actually go about editing your Google my

business listing ok there's a couple