Fortnite How To Edit Fast Basics | Battle Royale Starter Tips

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editing has to be one of the most

important parts of building in fortnight

I found that a lot of my friends who've

been playing the game for months they

finally figure out building and how to

build it up and given all these battles

and ramp rush and all that good stuff

but they still really don't know how to

edit and so I'm gonna go through the

basics of editing we're gonna start from

the very beginning before we start to

get into advanced stuff I don't want to

overwhelm you guys I know editing can be

crazy watching Nick a 30 cypher PK and

all these prose editing it just they do

it so fast it's hard to wrap your head

around so I'm gonna show you a player

that's not quite a pro player and show

you guys my thoughts on how to start out

editing and then maybe you can start

learning from the best if you play