Budgets and Forecasts in QuickBooks Desktop

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all right so budgets so but it's have a

couple of options you're gonna have a

budget versus actual comparison report

which is the most commonly used report

you can actually break down a budget by

class by customer or an overall budget

for the company so it does give you the

option to do it based on a class or a

customer now budgets give you an

additional function called the

performance report that allows you to

also compare your a year-to-date

performance now one little interesting

tidbit is you can actually export your

budgets into IAF modify them in Excel

and import them back in and if I have

time we'll cover that okay so we are in

QuickBooks desktop now and let's go just

through the basic motions on how we set

up a budget so the first thing we do is

we'll go to the company menu planning