How to edit an Instagram post after its promoted

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okay so I recently decided I wanted to

try promoting some of my posts just to

see if I can get anyone interested and

come to my Instagram page so I noticed

that while it was in the promotion you

can't edit the post down here so I just

kind of let it be but then once the

promotion ended it still wasn't letting

me edit it I could show you because it's

over it says promote again so it's over

so I want tried edit doesn't let me do

anything just only lets me delete it and

I don't want to delete it so try again

nothing the only way to do it is you

have to go to your profile scroll up and

then at the top you're going to see it

says promotions you're gonna click on

that and then you're gonna see I have an

active promotion right here I don't need

that I'm gonna click the button right

next to it on the top that says inactive