How to edit a boosted post on Facebook

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hi I'm max and you're watching she knows

digital you weekly digest of online

marketing tips and digital hacks to make

your business skyrocket in the coming

months so today I'm going to talk about

how to actually edit your boosted post I

found it quite difficult at first and

it's super easy and how to actually do

it what you need to really do is delete

the advert to which you're boosted post

is attached to so that the blog post or

paid post is attached to so let me give

you an example so for example if this is

the blog post which I boosted its on she

knows digital Facebook page as you can

see is reserved for two pounds to my

audience to followers of she knows

digital on facebook and as you can see I

can't actually edit it I can do the edit

story but I can't actually edit it

myself so for example I test the