How to Make a BOOMERANG Video WITHOUT Instagram | Filmora9 Tutorial

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hey everyone it's Ellie from filmora

here to empower your inner video creator

I got something to show you

check out this boomerang I just made

well that wasn't really good but I got

something else I'm gonna show you how to

make a better boomerang video did you

know you could turn any video into a

boomerang and even customize music

effects and more without using the

boomerang app or Instagram in this video

I am gonna show you how to take a video

like this and turn it into a boomerang

like this with film or 9 first you'll

need to import the video into your media

library the best kind of boomerang

videos are the ones with action before

getting started I'm gonna change the

aspect ratio of the project by clicking

file at the top menu then project

settings and then changing the aspect