Word 2016 - Bookmark Cross Reference & Hyperlink - How to Add Use Insert Bookmarks References in MS

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hi in welcome students in this Microsoft

Word 2016 tutorial I'm gonna go over how

to insert bookmarks and cross-references

into your Word documents let's get

started so this is a several page Word


with several different headings within

it each heading is defined with the

style right up here

as you can see it's a heading one style

for each one of these as we move through

we could see each of the headings and

subheadings are listed below in this

tutorial I'm going to show you how to

insert bookmarks that you could easily

find each of these headings as well as

how to insert a cross-reference so if at

any point you need to jump to a

different section of your Word document

you could do that easily the first part

we're going to start here is heading