Advanced Power BI Bookmark Options (Data/Display/Current Page)

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So I want to cover a quick tip which I found out the hard way and

I want you to know maybe you already do but

You know, I I found it out just now which is that bookmarks have these set of options data

Display and current page and at least one of them prove really useful for me and I can I can see on how others

could be useful as well. So the scenario that I have is that I'm using a drill down pages, right?

So these this is being used as a drill down page. So I'll just show that to you really quick

So if I go back here and I say Germany drill down I want to drill through

Sorry - country detail then. You know it selects Germany and I have this set up now

Here's where and of course once I'm looking at Germany, you know, I can click around and see okay

What about the road box in Germany - in box and everything works great, except that I have this bookmark, which does not work.

So let me actually take off the Germany filter and let's just show you how the bookmark works.

So right now we're looking at the whole wild world and

okay, there we go, right so the way this bookmark toggle is supposed to work is that right now.

I'm looking in the map and it says click toggle switch table and I click or well if you're some desktop I control click and

I switch the table and I switch to map and it's all good. Now, of course

Generally, so let's drill down again

And that's where you would see where the problem happens

Which is so now if I go back to Germany again and say drill through country detail. I

really gotta get my drill down and drill - right so drill down by the way is is is this

Where you know you're looking at bikes and you drill down and you see the next level of details?

Alright anyway, so back here