Google Chrome - Bookmarks Tutorial - How To Add or Make a Bookmark, Delete and Remove on PC Tutorial

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hi and welcome students in this video

I'm going to be going over Google Chrome

and how to create bookmarks and a

bookmarks folder as well as show your

bookmarks bar this is a video request

that comes in from Gary and Gary says

hey professor Morgan I'm gonna need some

help with some steps for setting up

bookmarks in Google Chrome this stuff is

pretty complicated

well Gary hopefully it won't be too

complicated by the end and we're going

to go ahead and get started right now so

I'm I've restored my Google Chrome to

its default settings and so if you just

recently downloaded Chrome you can open

it up and it's going to look like this

when you come on to this page you can

see up here towards the top this bar

that automatically has a blinking cursor

in it this is called the address bar the