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Hellooo everybody! Today we're talking about

editing, everyone's FAVORITE part of the writing process!

Right? Am I right? More specifically, we're talking about

self-editing, which is the series of revisions and edits that you do

BEFORE you submit your manuscript to a professional editor.

This process can be overwhelming for writers, especially if this is your first

go at it, which is why I am breaking down my top ten (10) tips

for self-editing your novel before you ship it off to a professional editor!

On that note, I'd like to give a shout out to Edit Out Loud, who has graciously

sponsored today's video! Edit Out Loud is a super handy app that

allows you to upload any word document, listen to it anywhere

and at any time, and leave comments within the app so you

know exactly when and where to edit. Many of you know audio

helps writers catch errors they may have missed while reading. If you're not

familiar with this, we will be covering it

later on in this video. It also helps you catch redundant words,

awkward sentences, pacing problems, and issues with grammar.

I uploaded The Savior’s Sister and listened to it through Edit Out Loud

while I was in the waiting room at Cliff's doctor's appointments, and it was

BEYOND helpful. Listening to the manuscript on its own