Editor Helga Schier Explains How to Self-Edit a Book Manuscript

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now if you want to revise your

manuscript yourself and and I do

recommend that because working with an

editor is not cheap but it is worthwhile

but but if you want to revise your

manuscript yourself my first

recommendation would be this after you

finished a draft don't go right back to

the manuscript and go back to page one

and fix it but put it away seriously put

it away while you're putting it away

read other people's work but don't read

it passively read it actively use flags

flags on my favorite tool of the trades

read a read books and flak and other

people's books and flag the sections

that you enjoyed that you liked I don't

care if it's a particular word or a

metaphor or a particular scene or just a

character you know that that struck you

or that yeah that that created empathy