Book Cover Design Photoshop Tutorial

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Hi Everyone.. welcome back & let's get started!!

so, in this video I'll use this work to make a cover book

you can see my previous work how to process this work.

Okey. create a new Document (Ctrl+N)

I'll use Pixels for the size

You can refer to the following settings to make front cover

go to Canvas Size (Alt+Ctrl+C) & do the the following.

duplicate the layer

just drag it to the left

I'll rename it as Cover 1 (for the front)

drag & drop the image onto our project.

Ctrl+T to resize it.

& clip it to layer below (cover 1)

duplicate image (Ctrl+J) & clip it to the top layer (cover 2)

Ctrl+T to resize it

add a Solid Color (black) by 80% opacity

I'll add a new Gradient to the background.

Now, add a title text.

you can use your favorite font style.

I'll add Drop Shadow to the text.

"creating another text"