FIXED: Uploading Poor Quality YouTube Videos From Your iPhone

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Have you ever uploaded a gorgeous video

to YouTube from your iPhone and when you

watch the video on YouTube the quality

was awful. There's a right way and a

wrong way to upload to YouTube from your

iPhone. And it's totally counterintuitive.

I'm Brighton West. I help coaches use

YouTube. And most of you are using

iPhones. In this video, I'll demonstrate

the right way and the wrong way to get

that quality video from your phone to

your audience. You're gonna want to see

the wrong way because it's really easy

to accidentally do this, and you need to

know when to stop and take the other

route. Okay so I'm gonna start out

showing you the right way, but I want you

to stick around for the wrong way

because it's so intuitive you're gonna

want to do it that way and not remember

when you're doing it right or wrong. So