How to take + edit instagram blurry photos || Blurry + Vibey photos edition

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today I brought a video not to you but I

love you have been trying to film it for

a while don't know why I've been taking

so long to actually do it but it's how

to take cool vy v larry first shows you

guys know i love i just have such

feelings about them they just really

give up a certain vibe and it's just i

really like putting a feeling into my

photos and to me I blow photo just has

the vibes you know so I'm gonna give you

just a few tips on things that just a

bear in mind of things I recommend to

get a cool blurry photo because we don't

just want to buy clothes no that's just

blurry yeah it needs to have a vibe but

in order for every photo to work it has

to just have a certain vibe to it so I'm

just going to go through I just said

that some tips on how to do it so tip