Customizing Your Tumblr Blog - how to change the way your Tumblr blog looks

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in this video we are going to dive

deeper into editing the way your blog

looks we're also gonna look at the way

the themes work and how themes change

the settings you have and options you

have on that theme we will then look and

paid for paid and free themes on tumblr

to get started with this we need to go

to the blog settings section so to do

that we have to go to accounts and we go

down to edit appearance your appearance

section will open up for that blog that

you selected what you need to now do is

go down to the website theme section and

say edit theme a new box will then come

up or window rather and this is the edit

appearance section of tumblr you've got

a lot more settings on the left hand

side you can see here you've got the

title which we added previously we've

also that got that description the