Blogging with Squarespace | Squarespace 7.0 Tutorial

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Squarespace lets your content speak for itself.

Our blogging platform features seamless media management

and real-time comments, allowing you to create a blog with fresh and exciting content that's sure to fascinate your viewers.

In this video you'll learn how to add a Blog Page, create and organize your blog posts, push your posts to social media, and more.

To start, click Pages within the Home Menu.

Then click the + icon to add a new page.

Select Blog from the New Page menu and enter a name for your Blog Page.

You’ll now be directed to your Blog Panel where you can add Blog Posts.

In the Blog Panel, click + to add a new post.

Within the Blog Post Editor enter a Post title within the “Enter a post title…” field.

You’ll notice that every new post automatically has an empty Text Block added to its body.

You can start typing your text content here,

or use the Paste as Plain Text button to paste a body of text.

The Blog Post Editor allows you to create content using Content Blocks.

This includes the same LayoutEngine options you use when adding content to a page.

Simply click on any insert point and choose your block.

To organize your Blog by subject you can add categories and tags to your Blog Post.

To do so, select Tags or Categories.

Then type your tag or category and press return or enter on your keyboard to add it.

We’ll cover different ways in which to showcase Blog Posts sharing the same category or tag further in this video.

Next you’ll notice you can enable or disable comments for a Blog Post by clicking Comments On/Off.