*How to Edit Blog Posts* (WORDPRESS)

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hi it's Molly from sacred fire creative

and today I'm creating this video for my

client Ryan heater his website is called

transforming ourselves and today we are

doing the video on how to add an edit

blog post so let's get started I'm going

to go to we're in the backend of

WordPress so let's just logged in and

we're in our dashboard and we're going

to go to posts so when I hover over

posts it shows me all these choices I'm

going to click all posts and that would

have the same fact if you just click

post now giving me this whole list of

different posts I'll get a little bit of

work on this one so I'm going to go back

into it our design through this

revolution you see we have the title at

the top here and then we also have all

of the contents in this box well a

couple different tabs so the text takes