How To Edit Blender Intro Templates - The Ultimate Video Guide

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hey guys this is Maurice from editors

depot and I'm just gonna make a really

quick tutorial for you guys on how to

edit blender intro templates as I know

that a lot of you guys might have this

question now really quickly guys I'm

assuming you already installed blender

so if you haven't you can just go to

blender org there's a link down in the

description if you need it um just go

ahead and install it it's free there's

both for Windows and Mac but you can go

ahead and just choose whichever one you

need we're using Mac it's the same thing

and yeah let's go ahead and get started

so I'm also going to leave you guys a

link to the template I'm going to use

for this tutorial if you want to go

ahead and use it I'm basically going to

go ahead and pick it right now so let's

say we're going to go ahead and choose