Editing Techniques for Better Black and White Photos (Lightroom Tutorial)

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YouTube what is good today we were

talking about some editing techniques

that you can use to take your

black-and-white photography to the next

level so the example photo in today's

video is one that I shot and me laughs

behind the scenes video and when I was

making that video I said that I didn't

exactly like that photo and I still

think it could be better but when I was

editing that image I used a lot of

techniques that can really enhance your

black and white photo and I wanted to

share them with you now it's important

to note that during today's video we're

going to be editing this photo but

typically when I'm using these

techniques I'm refining the edit a lot

more today is just kind of like a rough

draft I'm just showing you how I do

things and then if I was editing this