How to fix a bill that is entered incorrectly and paid in QuickBooks

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hey guys it's Candice and in today's

QuickBooks tips and tricks I received an

email with a question about hey I have

an error in my vendor Center so

basically they entered Vil's

realize that the amount that they

entered was wrong and they need to pay

extra how do they fix it so let's walk

through the process so I actually

entered this exactly the way the

question asked which was they had

invoice number one hundred four hundred

dollars invoice number one twenty five

that's the bill number four fifty

dollars and a bill number 128 four

twenty five and so those together equal

175 which was the amount of the check

I'm actually gonna go in and pay the

bill cuz I haven't done that part yet

and we'll say it was paid with a check

all right so he paid the hundred and