How to Quick Edit Footage to a Beat in Premiere Pro CC (2018)

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heywhat so everybody dobby masters here

and today I'm just showing you how to

edit to a beat quickly in Adobe Premiere

Pro so what I did right here is I

created this entire sort of edit in

about I would say maybe a minute and a

half two to five minutes anywhere in

that range nothing longer than that and

so that's what I me show you is how to

get Adobe to automate this process so

let's just listen to a little bit of it

and then we'll jump into the tutorial so

as you can see the music sort of

influences the Edit here the Edit is

changing with the music and like I said

I automated this so I didn't have to

create all these edits and try to figure

it all out I have made Adobe do it for

me and so that is what we are going to

be covering today let's get started by

creating ourselves a new sequence up