How to Edit in Audacity

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hello I'm Ike from music radio creative

calm and in a few short minutes I'll

show you how to become an editing pro

inside audacity so here we are in the

free audio editor audacity and I've got

some audio here I recorded earlier play

you a little bit of how you can edit

audio alright so in this short video I

want to get you familiar with these six

icons up here towards the top left next

to the playback controls so you might

already be confident with playing back

recording doing all of that a little bit

of basic zooming and editing but what is

everything too so this one here is the

selection tool I can use it to select

some audio and as I've demonstrated in

previous videos I can hit delete and

delete audio if I want selection tool is

good for isolating certain parts of your

audio that you want to work on next to