How to Create, Edit and Delete Playlist in Windows Media player | list in windows media player

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hi guys welcome to my channel

in this video I'm going to show you how

to create delete and edit the playlist

in Windows Media Player let's start now

first go to start button type Windows

Windows Media Player open it just go

here and saved list I can just type here

anything you want

example I type cool music this is the

playlist what I do now I will add some

miss to this playlist for example we can

select by a category wise like music

album by this way I just look at his

music drag and drop to her and select

his music

drag and drop to her and go ahead in the

album I select some files this song here

these here like this way and you can

manage the list by clicking it click and

hold it and you can put when down by

this way you can do it and save it here