How to edit APK files on Android (APK editor)

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so welcome guys today I am going to show

you how to edit an Android application

the easy way using an application called

as a peak editor first open the Play

Store and search for the app the name is

apk editor as you can see it is a first

step as our simontann downloads download

the application to your phone and then

open it it's about 3 to 4 MB in size so

now on the application

hello guys now let's see them now open

the application to see a pic editor as

you can see this is the main user

interface go to about as you can see

there is another version for the picutre

pro and there are some extra features if

you need them so now you have your talk

instead a pick you from app these are

the installed apps in your phone so you

can select any of them to modify them or

you can set an apk file as you can see I