How to export to CCITT 8khz 8 bit mono U-Law. Wav file in Audacity

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hey what's up YouTube today we're gonna

be talking about how to export a ccitt u

llah wave 8-bit mono for cisco phone

systems so if you don't have audacity

the first thing you want to do is

download it from the internet luckily I

have it to go and just open up the

program once the program is opened what

you're gonna do is go to file and then

import whatever file that you need to

convert select the file put it up I

always select transfer or copy from the

original file now you see there's two

channels here that makes this stereo we

have to convert this over to mono so go

to track go to mix then mix down from

stereo to mono perfect also check your

bitrate down here at the bottom 8000

perfect go to file go down to export

export as wav and once you get here you

can label it you know whatever you want