How To Smoothly Edit 4K Video On ANY Computer

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what's going on guys today we're gonna

be talking about how you can edit 4k

footage smoothly on almost any computer

using proxies so let's get started


you guys have been following along on my

Instagram stories and things like that

you would know that I went on a

week-long road trip down through

California while I was down there I

brought my GH five and I Ronin I just

wanted to grab a whole bunch of clips of

our entire trip so I can make a little

bit of a video if you want to check out

the full video actually posted it it's

up on my channel already called

California in 4k and go check it out the

link is down in the description below of

this video I shot the entire video in 4k

on the GH five now of course if any of

you guys have tried to edit in 4k it can