How I Edit my Instagram Pictures // 90s Aesthetic

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hi guys what's up so for today's video I

actually managed to get myself out of my

little cave that I've been living in

sort of been a little bit sick the past

few days don't why it's nothing like

coke 19 related but I just haven't been

feeling the best so this was a task but

I have to bring myself out further

because I knew you really only wanted to

see a part 2 of my Instagram series you

only seem to like the last video so I

wanted to get part 2 part 2 to you I

wanted to get part 2 to you as soon as

possible so that's what I'm bringing to

you today I'm going to show you exactly

how I go about editing immense you

amateurs this is just gonna be a super

chill gonna go get some snacks get your

photo get comfy and we can have a little

editing party out here I'm just gonna