7 Days to Die Alpha 15 How to Edit - Mod XML Files

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hello ladies and gentlemen the grand

Spartan today we're gonna talk about

editing XML files I have a lot of

questions about how in the world on your

server did you get the sniper rifle

magazine to have 15 rounds instead of 5

and how did you change your hordes

instead of having 8 zombies per wave to

have 35 well it's very simple

I am certainly no whiz at this or

experienced at all with this type of

thing but the fun pimps have made it

super simple to go in and edit your XML

files to suit your needs one way you can

get to these files is by opening up

steam right-clicking on 7 days to die

and go into properties and it'll bring

up this screen here click on browse

local files then it'll bring up this

screen you click on data config there

are all your files and remember to you