How to Do 60 FPS SMOOTH SLOW MOTION in Premiere Pro

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in this video we'll be taking a look at

how to do 60fps slow-motion in Premiere

Pro as you can see right now on the

screen so let's get started first import

your 60fps footage into a new sequence

and go to sequence at the top and click

on sequence settings and set the fps to

twenty three point nine frames per

second which is basically 24 fps and

then hit OK then cut out the part of the

clip you want to slow down and move the

clips to the right away and it's going

to expand when you slow it down then

select it and then right click and go to

speed slash duration set the speed here

to 40% remember going below this

percentage unless you have a higher FPS

footage would cause this flow motion to

become choppy and not smooth so if you

want the slow motion to be smooth don't

slow it down more than 40% after this is