TUTORIAL | Installation and Set up of The 5Zig Mod and Optifine

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hey guys and welcome back to nightmare

plays minecraft and today I've got a bit

of a different video for you recording

in a bit of a different way I'm

recording the audio on my computer and

what you're seeing on screen is a screen

capture from públicos computer and what

I'm going to go through today is I've

started using the fighting mod on banter

UHC and a few other servers to help with

being able to see potion effects and the

arm hood and stuff like that so the

first thing you have to do is you have

to download what you can see in that v

sigmod folder which is for forge

Optifine and the v sigmod all for one

point 8.9 there'll be download links for

all of them in the description so the

first thing we do is we install forge

and we double click when it loads up we

install the client into the minecraft