5.1 Surround Sound editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

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hello and welcome to video revealed I'm

Colin Smith we are going to explore 5.1

surround sound in Adobe Premiere Pro


shout out to Ganesh Nagy for requesting

this tutorial it's because of you that

we have this so if you're listening to

this you know 5.1 system this is not 5.1

YouTube's doesn't support 5.1 so even if

I made this in 5.1 you wouldn't hear it

not only that Camtasia which I used to

record my screen cannot record in 5.1 I

will be giving you a special 5.1 output

file that you can test so let's go in

and have a look at how to set this up in

Premiere Pro so creating a sequence for

5.1 is no different than any other you

can click down here you can go to file

new new sequence file new

sequence I'm going to do it from here

and the most important setting is the